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Plan a Visit

We thank you for your interest in visiting The Pentecostals of Slidell ! It will be an honor to have you as our guest.  We look forward to welcoming you to one of our services.


We are a gathering of people of all ages and all kinds who join together to worship Jesus Christ our King.  Whether your age is 100 years or 100 days, you are welcome here!


We’re so glad you are coming to visit – and we hope you’ll like it so much you’ll come back again!


At 9:30 AM we have Adult and Kids education.


At 10:30 AM on Sunday morning the countdown hits zero and our worship team begins to lead our congregation in singing and praise. The worship set is followed by a life changing message delivered by our pastor.  This service is held in the main sanctuary. 

What about my kids?

On Sundays we offer classes for children and teens and young adults located in the McKinney building that are at the same time as our regular service. They will be greeted by one of our friendly Sunday school leaders. 


At 7:00 PM everyone is together in the main sanctuary to open our service with worship lead by our worship team. It is followed by a practical bible teaching from our pastor. 

We have a children's and youth classes that begin after the worship part of the main service that includes age appropriate bible teaching. 

Children ages 5-12 meet in the McKinney building 

Teens ages 13-18 meet in the Youth Building

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