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GPS for Men

(Batterers Intervention Progra-29 weeks)

GPS For Men is a batterers intervention program for men in St Tammany Parish based on The Duluth Model coordinated community response to domestic violence. Group sessions are conducted every Friday at 6:30pm and are approximately 1.5 hrs with Duluth Model Certified Instructors
Some highlights of our program:
Group sessions are held on Friday evenings at 6:30 pm.

Location is First Pentecostal Church, 388 Robert Road, Slidell, LA 70458.

(985) 643-8760.

Program Guidelines:

  • Students must complete 27 weeks of group sessions plus an intake and exit interview session, making it 29 weeks total.

  • The student is required to sign a contract outlining class rules and expectations.

  • Arrive to class promptly. Students who are 5 minutes late or more will be sent home and it will count as an absence.

  • Students may only miss four classes and those four classes must be made up.  If students miss more than four lessons they are required to start the program all over.

  • Our class size is limited to 20 people.

  • Class fees are $20 per session.

  • Dress in proper attire.

  • Smoke free campus.

  • Refrain from the use of drugs and alcohol.

  • Students are given a certificate of completion when complete.

  • We reserve the right to dismiss any student/offender from the program for not following program instruction or guidelines.

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